Because of this congregations generous giving, CCC currently supports more than 170 missionaries and missions endeavors at home and around the world. Here’s a list of a few things your faith promise dollars are doing.


For security reasons, we are unable to post the names or specific locations of all of our missionaries.  The following graphics illustrate the countries our workers are in and some of the countries they are directly impacting with their ministry.


In the graphic below, the countries on the map all begin black. Each missionary CCC supports, adds a “layer” of white (representing light) to the black. The more layers of light (missionaries0 we support in a country, the “whiter” that country becomes. Increasing shades of yellow, represents MORE light than white. So in the graphic below, the MOST missions activity would be in the U.S., India, China, Argentina, Indonesia, the Philippines and so on. It should also be noted that often we may have a larger number of workers in a particular country like Argentina, but that often countries like this become “bases” from which missions activity extends outward to MANY countries.


The next graphic takes into account the scope of our missionaries’ ministries. If, for example, the missionary leads a Bible Training Center and is sending out workers to other countries, we recognize this as the “second generation of touch” and, in the graphic below, we’ve ADDED a layer of light to the countries CCC touches THROUGH the missionary or worker we support.  Again, the more touches, the more “layers” of light. The second generation of touch better represents the actual impact CCC is having. This is actually fairly conservative when  you consider that we created  this graphic having heard from only half of our missionaries, and that it makes no attempt to track generations of touch beyond the second. At the time this graphic was created, we discovered only 5 countries CCC had NO financial touch . We then began a focused effort to have some kind of financial touch in EACH of these remaining 5 countries. As of the end of 2015, with the Lord’s help, and as far as we can track, CCC has made a financial investment in every nation of the world!

With adding the above statement, we may not need the first graphic (teal and brow) It’s a bit vague figuring out that every country is “colored in”. The 2 generation graphic shows the same thing Every nation has at least 1 layer of light.


A number of years ago, we felt that it would be pleasing to the Lord that we adopt a prayer strategy, whereby, irrespective of our financial ability, we were making an intentional touch through prayer into EVERY nation and people group. This is accomplished through the ongoing ministry of our CCC Missionary and Area Reps, and through the various facets of our monthly Global Prayer Initiatives.

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