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The strategy of Assemblies of God World Missions is to reach the lost with the good news, disciple those who receive Christ, strengthen the church, and touch the suffering with God’s love and compassionate care. To accomplish this, Assemblies of God World Missions works in the context of teams.

Missionaries work within their strengths and skills but recognize some areas that are lacking. They ask help from others to partner with them to fulfill the task. By joining hands with AG constituents in districts and churches, they share in intercession and joyful testimony. They also look to other missionaries to help carry the burden to accomplish a specific goal. These vital partnerships allow them to effectively work in cooperation with national church fellowships in vision, strategy, personnel and resources.

International Ministries is composed of a team of missionaries with distinct ministries and specialized gifts that serve resident missionaries and national churches around the world. Each IM missionary is connected with a focused ministry that fulfills a unique function. These specialists assist with evangelism, discipleship, training and compassion projects worldwide and provide tools and resources that otherwise would not be available.

AGWM Builders International — Ryan Moore, director

AGWM Builders International’s mission is to impact the spread of the gospel around the world by building Bible institutes, training centers and other vital evangelism centers in every nation. We provide missionaries and national churches with the expertise and resources required to plan, implement, and complete construction projects worldwide. Builders strives to be innovative and effective in its impact on building projects around the globe.

We are honored to serve AGWM missionaries in the following areas:

  • Master Planning
  • AGWM Maps Construction
  • Drafting
  • Project Management
  • Fund Raising

Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples — Dr. Mark Hausfeld, director

(formerly Center for Ministry to Muslims)

Global Initiative’s mandate is to equip the Church to reach Muslims and to mobilize church planting teams among Muslim peoples. AGWM’s scope of ministry to Muslims was enlarged in 2009 and a name change ensued. The ministry that began in 1982 continues to enlist believers as intercessors, encourages an understanding of Islam, equips Christians to provide a culturally sensitive witness and effectively trains people to disciple Muslim-background believers.

GI also focuses on assisting in the planting of churches. Jumaa Prayer Fellowships are active throughout the world, with 30,000 individuals fasting and praying an hour on behalf of Muslims.

Global Teen Challenge — Dr. Jerry Nance, executive director

Global Teen Challenge partners with AGWM, and the staff includes AGWM missionaries.

David and Don Wilkerson started the first Teen Challenge center in New York City in 1958. Thirty-seven years later Don Wilkerson established Global Teen Challenge to facilitate the creation and growth of Teen Challenge centers worldwide.

At residential rehabilitation centers, people leave their addictive environments, encounter the power of God and learn skills that will help them establish a lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol. Many TC graduates have attended Bible school and become leaders in their local congregations. Some sense God’s leading to minister at the TC center where they found freedom.

Team members fulfill the ministry’s purpose: to develop global outreach programs to help youth, adults and families with life-controlling problems become established in society through faith-based mentoring, counseling, education, job training and microenterprise development.

Global University — Dr. Gary Seevers, president

Global University uses printed materials and Web technology to reach the lost and train workers for the harvest. It encompasses these four schools:

Graduate School of Theology that offers Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees.

Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology that provides Bachelor of Arts, Associate of Arts, diploma, and certificate programs to prepare people for ministry and service.

Berean School of the Bible that offers continuing education programs to meet the training requirements of many local churches as well as fulfill personal educational goals.

Center for Evangelism and Discipleship that presents study courses to help students begin Christian life, become strong disciples and enter Christian service in local churches.

GU is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council in the United States. Schools operate in the United States and around the world, making GU a truly global institution. All programs have one common theme — to exalt Christ and present God’s truth.

New materials are developed regularly, and existing materials are translated for use in Bible schools and churches worldwide. GU expands the church’s outreach into closed countries and areas that are inaccessible through traditional means.

HealthCare Ministries — Dr. Beth Davis, director

HCM coordinates volunteer teams of health care professionals to offer medical and spiritual care in needy areas. Doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other allied health professionals share the compassionate touch of Christ with the sick and suffering around the world.

Short-term medical evangelism teams partner with AG missionaries and national church leaders to give medical, dental and optical assistance and physical therapy to people who have no ready access to health care. Teams also are involved in health development, HIV/AIDS testing and education, disability awareness, and other endeavors that directly impact people’s health. HCM disaster assessment and relief teams are deployed immediately following a crisis or natural disaster.

The ministry has produced a children’s book on health that has been translated into eight eighteen languages and book and manuals to assist pastors and those ministering to people with HIV/AIDS. Deworming and vitamin supplement programs are carried out in coordination with AGWM child care programs.

Jacob’s Hope — Jeff Friedman, director

Jacob’s Hope is working around the world to bring hope to Jewish people, the “Children of Jacob,” by bringing humanitarian and medical aid, and sharing the good news of Messiah.

Life Publishers International — Jeff Dove, director

Life Publishers, a multilanguage, multinational publishing entity of Assemblies of God World Missions, exists to assist missionaries and national churches worldwide by publishing and distributing gospel literature. Life Publishers is committed to being a “field-driven” ministry, providing a variety of tools and services for evangelism, discipleship and leadership training.

Life Publishers offers children’s Bible curriculum in 10 languages and eight foreign language editions of Enrichment Journal. The ministry also partners with Africa’s Hope to publish 45 courses in English and French and 40 courses in Portuguese.

The Fire Bible, a distinctly Pentecostal, one-volume theological library, is available in 32 language editions with 25 more in development. Three million Chinese Fire Bibles have been published. A vital part of Life Publishers is the Assemblies of God Bible Alliance, a strategic team of ministers, churches and laypeople that work together to publish the Fire Bible.

Network211 — Dr. George M. Flattery, president

Network211 works with a global, multilingual coalition of local churches, schools, ministries and individuals to reach 10 million people for Christ by 2015.

The numbers “211” express this ministry’s mission: to use 21st century technology to communicate the first century gospel. Network211 assists existing ministries by building a trained army of thousands of volunteers who communicate the gospel to people via the Internet. It also partners with Global University on projects to bring Bible schools and online training to restricted countries in the local languages. Its evangelism strategy includes building and maintaining evangelism Web sites while providing evangelistic messages for existing sites.

Royal Rangers International — Doug Marsh, director

Royal Rangers has a reputation as one of the best soul-winning ministries for young people in the United States. In recent years its influence has grown rapidly in other nations. RRI is shaping boys’ lives by establishing outposts around the world. Amazing testimonies of changed lives are regularly reported from each region.

The ministry provides evangelism and discipleship curriculum for children, as well as training materials for leaders serving as mentors in the areas of life and faith. Regional conferences promote fellowship among national leaders in each region, assuring them of RRI support and encouraging them to reach into areas that do not have a Royal Rangers ministry.

Royal Rangers is now active in 85 countries, and RRI is working with several other countries that want the program started in their area.

Besides the ministries listed above, the IM office also serves AGWM missionaries working with AIM, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Engage International, Third Culture Collegians in Transition, Sustain Hope, Convoy of Hope, Global AIDS Partnership, Nurture Hope Anti-Trafficking Network, Strategic Missionary Resources and Pediatric Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities.

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