What an amazing missions weekend we were just privileged to walk through! With the Atlanta team and many of their parents in attendance at our GPI Monday night, we hit an all time record attendance of 132 people,  investing 165 collective hours of intercession for the nations! Thank you for your ongoing faithfulness!

I am sure that most of you have already heard about our upcoming All Teams Meeting on MONDAY, JUNE 13, 7:00-8:30pm in the fellowship hall. Kristine and I take very seriously our responsibility to lead and equip this great missions team at CCC. We have so many wonderful people in the trenches praying for and encouraging our missionary families, OUR role is to work hard to insure every team member knows their ministry well, is fully equipped, well connected and excited about the impact they (YOU) are making in the lives and ministries of our missionaries wherever they may serve.

In an effort to do our very best to maximize the effectiveness and enjoyment of all who are involved in CCC’s missions ministry, we are desiring to bring ALL of our teams TOGETHER for two key annual events –one in JUNE and the other in NOVEMBER of each year and to keep meetings to a minimum (roughly once a month), we are scheduling these ALL teams sessions during two months that we traditionally do NOT have GPI/Team meetings (Taking the place of our normal monthly commitments).

Here’s the plan:
In JUNE of each year, Kristine and I would take time to speak into your lives and ministries, reinforce key elements of the missions ministry, equip, answer questions and  share vision and direction for the future.

At our NOVEMBER gatherings each year, we’ll bring in an OUTSIDE VOICE to speak to all of us about ways we can increase the effectiveness of our ministry. For example, this coming NOVEMBER 13th (Lunch after 2nd service) we have secured Chad Phillips, Director of the AG’s International Society of Missionary Kids (1400 MKs in about 200 countries.) He will speak to us about the emotional, spiritual and physical challenges our missionary families face, from HIS perspective –through the eyes of our missionary kids! This will increase our awareness of common stressors our missionaries may be hesitant to tell us about and will better equip us to pray and support them through the difficult times. This will be good stuff! Save the date!

Our FIRST ALL Teams meeting is coming up in just THREE WEEKS and is scheduled on MONDAY, JUNE 13, 7:00-8:30pm in the fellowship hall.  I will have a full agenda, but want to give time to address anything you, as team members want more information about. For example, how to evaluate and “pick” new missionaries for support, how to determine an appropriate amount to ask for to meet a missionary’s financial request, tips on intercession, how to access strategic funds and other moneys available to your team, etc. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS DIRECTLY TO ME  IN ADVANCE SO THAT I CAN BEST PREPARE prusch@ccc.localhost . I’ll also be talking to you about our new online resources and much more!  Please do your best to make your attendance a priority. Light refreshments will be provided. There will be no childcare.

I hope you can perceive how overwhelmed and grateful our missionary families are when they thank us over and over for the wonderful care you give. They often describe it  as over and above anything they have experienced apart from their relationship with CCC. YOU do a fantastic job! Kristine and I are looking forward to some quality time with you on June 13th!

Pastor Pat and Kristine

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